Carrie Hyde-Riley

Carrie started her artistic journey at a young age and spent her life learning new artistic techniques ranging from painting in watercolor, acrylic, oil, woodworking, metal crafting furniture making and digital design. In 2009 she moved to Rhode Island to attend RISD and majored in Jewelry and Metal-smithing. After graduating, Carrie got involved in Arts Non-Profit world. This was a pivotal moment because she realized she like working with people and sharing her technical knowledge more than working on her hands on practice.

In 2017 Carrie started working with individuals with differing abilities at RHD-RI. RHD-RI was a magical program filled with creativity everywhere and for the first time, a job felt like home. Carrie became the Art Director in 2018. This is when Jess Lee and Carrie dreamt up the plan of Outsider Collective, and creating an integrated community space for people with and without differing abilities to work learn and show art alongside each other.

Jess Lee

Rhode Island Native and Pawtucket resident, Jess is a former Direct Support Professional and Community Program Manager at RHD-RI, an arts based day program which served adults with differing abilities.
During her time there, she quickly fell in love with working and supporting some of the most magical and talented individuals. Being an “outsider artist” herself as well as a licensed tattoo artist, Jess is most passionate about encouraging and promoting the creative work of the artists she serves at Outsider Collective, while assisting them in becoming gainfully self-employed artists.
Jess is currently the President and Co-Founder of Outsider Collective.  She and Carrie met at RHD-RI and collectively dreamt up the idea of forming an inclusive artist community where people can create and connect with other like minded individuals while learning important skills and gaining true mentors and friends.
Jess and Carrie are truly grateful to be able to open Outsider Collective as a unique artist community where Members can create and express themselves in a safe and encouraging environment.

Team Members

Colleen Morgan

Originally from Connecticut, Colleen went to school at Manchester Community College for Visual Fine Arts, with a concentration in Illustration and Photography. She moved to Rhode Island in the beginning of 2018 after she graduated, to work for RHD-RI. As an artist herself, she fell in love with working with individuals with achieving their artistic goals and constantly being inspired by being surrounded with incredible artists.

Colleen in her artwork likes to portray the relationship between birth and decay, by experimenting taking self portraits inside decrepit and abandoned buildings. Colleen also works with pen and ink illustrations, inspired by American Traditional tattoos. Colleen's vision as a visual artist is to create a space to provoke emotion and to tell a story of her life experiences growing up. She understands the importance of creating a space for yourself to grow as an artist and as a person, and dedicates her life helping others to find their passion in the art world and make a space for themselves.

Sara Inacio

Sara Inacio is a Brazilian printmaker and socially engaged artist currently based in Providence, RI. Sara graduated from Maine College of Art in 2017 with a BFA in Printmaking and Public Engagement. As an emerging artist, they have been a part of several exhibitions, collaborations and curatorial projects across New England. Sara has participated in both national and international artist residencies including Art Farm in Marquette, NE and Green Olive Arts in Tetouan, Morocco. Sara’s work is about passage; a movement of going through and leaving behind. Using primarily animal imagery, social interaction and immersive installation spaces, Sara explores the ways we hold, carry and let go, as well as  the comfort and fear that co-exists in keeping or being kept safe. Through non-traditional print processes and natural materials, Sara’s work evokes a sense of transience and deep connection to place, both in relationship to their surroundings as well as in community spaces. In their social practice, Sara works collaboratively on dialogue-based projects and collective art-making. They co-founded the Ears and Hands Collective in Portland, ME (2017-2019), and participated in the Print like you Give a Damn Press at the AS220 Community Printshop creating prints for protests and actions across Rhode Island. Sara is continuously involved in local arts and community based spaces including Outsider Collective, AS220 Industries and Queer Archive Work, where they will be an Artist in residence in 2021.

Melissa Brooks

Melissa's favorite thing to do is helping out people. She loves trying out new ways to make art, encouraging the members to be their best selves, and connecting the OC to the rest of the Hope Artiste Village. She is always here to lend a helping hand and to add positivity to everyones experience here.
When she isn't interacting with Members, Melissa makes commissions, and does paint pours.

Stephanie Cerep

Stephanie is a lifetime resident of Rhode Island, born and raised in Cranston.  She has her business “favorables” and “doobie designs” and got introduced to Outsider Collective through the Jolt Program as a venue to sell her products.  From there she met Jess and Carrie, and fit in with the team instantly.  She takes every opportunity to help out for events at the OC and is a true member of the team.  She loves being social and helping out her friends and making everyone she comes into contact with smile with positivity.